• Sony Super Betamax VCR - SuperBeta - Hi-Fi - Sony SL-HF400
Sony Super Betamax VCR - SuperBeta - Hi-Fi - Sony SL-HF400
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Sony Super Betamax VCR - SuperBeta - Hi-Fi - Sony SL-HF400

$ 789.99



The Sony SL-HF400 is top-rated in video/audio performance with the super sharp picture quality of SuperBeta, for up to 20% higher resolution than regular VCRs. Couple that with Beta Hi-Fi and you can enjoy fabulous, full-fidelity stereo sound with your matchless SuperBeta Picture. The SL-HF400 brings home some of video most attractive features and attractions, here is the list of convenience and performance extras.

•  Records and plays BII and BIII, plays BI

•  Express-tuning with simple up and down selection that brings in VHF and UHF channels

•  SuperBetaHi-Fi for higher picture resolution and ultra-fidelity sound

•  BetaScan in forward and reverse

•  Stereo-broadcast reception (MTS) with built-in decoder to bring home the excitement of stereo TV and bilingual second audio programming (SAP)

•  Freeze-frame to stop the action; pause control lets you edit unwanted material from your video recordings

•  Micro-timing-phase (TP) circuitry for noise free transitions between edited scene

•  Cable-compatible express-tuning that brings in VHF, UHF and non-scrambled cable TV channels

•  7-day/6-event programmable timer, for automatic recording plus Quick-timer button for extra convenience

•  Remote commander wireless remote control, with 14-pushbutton channel tuning and Betamax VCR functions

•  Feather-touch control

Fluorescent multi-display for reference clock time, timer settings, and VCR indications

•  LED peak-level meters

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