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The JVC HR-DVS3 dual deck VCR incorporates the two most popular prosumer formats together in one unit, providing a complete high-performance solution for editing DV projects, mastering to S-VHS, or dubbing to or from either format. Easy integration with most NLE systems. Convenient built-in editing features include automatic editing from DV to Super VHS/VHS, plus outstanding picture quality, PCM digital audio and robust tape transport mechanism. Now you can easily record and copy from DV to VHS/SVHS and the reverse. 

DV Format

The DV portion of the dual VCR will accept the mini DV tape size. Has recording capability of up to 500 lines of horizontal resolution, with extremely broad color bandwidth (approx. 3 times of SVHS), to deliver breathtaking colors.


The high band analog recording technology delivers more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution. Being that SVHS format is an extension of VHS video format, this VCR will also record and play back in the VHS format.

SVHS-ET Recording

S-VHS ET (Expansion Technology) allows the broader bandwidth S-VHS signal to be recorded on standard high quality VHS tapes. As a result, you can easily enjoy high-resolution recording.

DigiPure Technology

JVC's exclusive digital technologies maximize Super VHS benefits, reproducing vivid colors most realistically and offering crisp rendition of image contours. Digital Wide Time Base Corrector and 3-Dimensional Digital Circuit with 4MB Frame Memory make the following possible: 
Presion 3-D Color Circuit: Color separation clarity 
Digital 3-D YNR/CNR: Improves S/N ratio 
Precise Digital 3-D Y/C Separation: Reduces dot interference 
Digital R3 Picture System: Enhances detail

Random Assemble Editing

Choose the scenes you want (up to 8 segments at a time in any order) on the Mini DV tape, and - at the touch of a button - they're automatically copied over to S-VHS/VHS, correctly rearranged. This function lets you keep the information of 64 segments (8 segments x 8 sets) in the deck to easily make additional copies, simply by calling up the program number.

PCM Digital Audio (DV)

Digital recording delivers CD quality audio, with a choice of 2 modes: 2-channel (16-bit linear, 48kHz sampling) for optimum quality, and 4-channel (12-bit non-liner, 32kHz sampling) to allow stereo audio dubbing.

Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with MTS Decoder

Hi-Fi VHS broad dynamic range delivers sound quality rivaling CDs for a maximum-impact home theater experience, while the built-in MTS decoder lets you record stereo and SAP TV broadcasts.

One-Touch Dubbing

(DV S-VHS/VHS) If you just want a straight dub, let the HR-DVS3 dub the contents of the Mini DV tape over to S-VHS/VHS or vice versa, at the touch of a single button.

VCR Plus+ with "Cable Eye" Cable Box Controller

By setting the PlusCode number, the program timer is set automatically. There's no lengthy setup process, because VCR Plus+ guide channels are set on-the-fly. And with the supplied "Cable Eye" cable box controller, you can correct timer-recordings of cable TV shows.

Active Video Calibration

The intelligent IC automatically calibrates tape quality and the video head condition to optimize and maintain recording and playback performance.


DV format



Number of Heads

MiniDV tape


6.35 mm

Front Audio/Video Input 1x S-Video, 1x A/V (RCA), 1x Firewire 4 Pin (in/output)
Rear Audio/Video Inputs 1x S-Video, 1x Audio/Video (RCA)
Rear Audio/Video Outputs 2x S-Video, 2x Audio/Video (RCA)
Headphone Jack No
Microphone Input No
Index Search Yes, VHS Deck Only
181-Channel Tuner Yes
Flying Erase Head Yes
Audio Dub Yes, (12-bit mode or SVHS/VHS)
Editing Yes, (Extreme Editing Power)
Random Assemble Edit Yes, up to 8 Segments at a time in any order on the Mini DV Tape
Synchro Edit No
Time Code Yes, (DV Only)
Control Protocol No
Time Base Corrector (TBC) Yes, DigiPure Technology (in VHS Deck Only)
Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Yes, 3-DNR (in VHS Deck Only)
Jog/Shuttle Yes
Audio Level Meter No
Manual Audio Level Control No
Slow Motion Slow Motion (with Remote Control)
Frame Advance Frame by Frame (with Remote Control)
Manual Tracking Yes, VHS Deck Only
VCR Plus Yes
Cable Box Control Yes
Program Timer Recording Yes
Repeat Playback Yes, VHS Deck Only (up to 100x)
Auto Head Cleaner No
Record Speeds SP/LP DV Deck, SP/EP VHS Deck
Playback Speeds SP/LP DV Deck, SP/EP VHS Deck
Commercial Advance/Skip No
Remote Yes
Jog/Shuttle On Remote Yes
Multi Brand Remote Yes
Power Requirements AC 120v, 60Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 17-3/16 x 5 x 15-7/16" (435 x 124 x 391mm)

15.9 lbs. (7.2kg)

  • VHS Tape Position Indicator
  • Date/Time In DV Deck
  • Counter Reset VHS Deck Only
  • Auto Daylight Saving Time
  • Real Time Tape Counter
  • Multiple Speed Search.

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