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With MiniDV and S-VHS recorders integrated in a single unit, the JVC SR-VS30U ( DUAL FORMAT S-VHS, PRO-DV RECORDER ) provides a complete high-performance solution for editing MiniDV projects, finishing to S-VHS, or dubbing to or from either format. Easy integration with most NLE systems, convenient built-in editing features including automatic editing from MiniDV to Super VHS/VHS, plus outstanding picture quality, PCM digital audio, robust tape transport mechanism and many other features make this powerful dual deck today's most versatile video production tool.

Easy PC Connectivity and enhanced Non-Linear Editing Compatibility (MiniDV/S-VHS/VHS PC) 

Simplifies getting your video footage to your PC for non-linear editing (NLE) when you have finished editing, getting the final result back to video, whether MiniDV or Super VHS/VHS, is equally easy. i.Link (IEEE 1394 compliant) connectivity and tested compatibility with many major NLE systems* will put your editing suite into the digital age.
* For compatible systems please consult an authorized JVC dealer.

DV Format (using MiniDV cassettes) 

The MiniDV deck allows direct playback of cassettes which you have recorded on a MiniDV tape, without any cables to connect. The SR-VS30U allows you to play back DVCAM recordings. DVCAM recordings can be used as source material in the MiniDV side of this deck. The SR-VS30U will play back DVCAM tapes shot on the small DVCAM cassette. You can connect a MiniDV camcorder or deck to the SR-VS30U and make DV-to-DV edits of your footage. This seamless editing feature will help preserve the quality you have come to expect from digital video and Professional DV.
DVCAM is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

One-Touch Dubbing (DV S-VHS/VHS) 

If you just want a straight dub and are short on time, just let the SR-VS30U dub the contents of the MiniDV tape over to S-VHS/VHS, or vice versa, at the touch of a single button.

64-Program "EasyEdit" (MiniDV S-VHS/VHS) 

"EasyEdit" with Random Assemble Editing lets you choose up to 8 segments at a time on the MiniDV tape, and at the touch of a button they are automatically copied over to S-VHS/VHS. And since up to 8 pre-set programs can be stored in memory, this function lets you keep the information of 64 segments (8 x 8) in the deck to make additional copies by simply calling up the program number.

Time Code Display 

The SR-VS30U reads the SMPTE time code of pre-recorded tapes, displaying the Time Code, including seconds, on the viewing monitor.

Simultaneous Recording 

The SR-VS30U can simultaneously record DV input signals or external input signals on the DV and S-VHS decks.

High Resolution Super VHS Images 

This high-band analog recording technology delivers more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution (60% more than conventional video) for quality that approaches digital. And like MiniDV, Super VHS recordings look great when viewed on the high-resolution large-screen TVs that are becoming increasingly popular. Being an extension of the VHS video format, Super VHS allows recording and playback of conventional VHS as well, giving you the choice of dubbing from MiniDV to S-VHS for maximum quality, or from MiniDV to VHS for wider distribution.

Super VHS ET Recording* 

Super VHS ET (Expansion Technology) allows the broader-bandwidth Super VHS signal to be recorded on widely available VHS tapes (high grade recommended).** You can easily enjoy +60% better picture quality at the touch of a button.
* Only SP mode recording and playback is available for Super VHS ET.
** There are some S-VHS VCR models by JVC and other manufacturers with which playback of an S-VHS ET recorded tape is not possible.

DigiPure Technology 

JVC's exclusive digital technologies maximize Super VHS benefits by reproducing vivid colors most realistically, and offering crisp rendition of image contours.

  • Digital Wide TBC (Time Base Corrector)
  • 3-Dimensional Digital Circuit with 2 MB Frame Memory to make the following possible.
  • Precision 3-D Color Circuit for clearer color separation.
  • Digital 3-D YNR/CNR to improve S/N ratio.
  • Digital 3R Picture System to enhance detail.

PCM Digital Audio (DV) 

Digital recording delivers CD quality audio, with a choice of 2 modes -- 2-channel (16-bit linear, 48 kHz) for optimum quality and 4-channel (12-bit non-linear, 32 kHz) to allow stereo audio dubbing.

Hi-Fi VHS Stereo (S-VHS/VHS) 

With Hi-Fi VHS's broad dynamic range, you get powerful, cinema-like sound to maximize your video experience, plus the ability to read the Dolby Pro Logic signals recorded on numerous VHS software releases.

VHS Deck


MiniDV (SD specifications)

S-VHS/VHS NTSC standard with Hi-Fi audio

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

45 dB

Horizontal Resolution

230 lines (VHS), 400 lines (S-VHS)

Max. Recording Time

DV: 80 min. (SP), 120 min. (LP) with M-DV80ME

S-VHS/VHS: 210 min. (SP), 630 min. (EP) with ST-210 cassette

Hi-Fi Audio Frequency Response

20 Hz — 20,000 Hz

Inputs & Outputs

RCA connectors: IN x 2, OUT x 2

S-video connectors: IN x 2, OUT x 2

DV connector: IN/OUT x 1 (4-pin, IEEE 1394 conformity, digital input/output)

Satellite control connector: 3.5 dia.

F connector for antenna

Channel Coverage

VHF: Channels 2 — 13

UHF: Channels 14 — 69

CATV: 113 channels


Power Requirements

AC 120 V ~, 60 Hz


435 x 106 x 380 mm (17-3/16" x 4-3/16" x 15")


5.1 kg (11.2 lbs.)

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