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Repeat Recording & Playback

Just hold down the PLAY button on the VCR or remote control for more than 5 seconds and the tape in the VCR will play back repeatedly as many times as you like. You can set the VCR to repeat playback from the beginning of the tape and continue to either the end of the tape or the end of the recording. Similarly, by holding down the REC button for more than 5 seconds during recording, you can set the VCR to automatically rewind the tape and repeat recording on the same tape.

Series Recording & Playback

Convenient for security systems, exhibits, and many other applications, this feature lets you connect two or more VCRs for continuous recording/playback. The recording/playback signal is automatically relayed to the next VCR at the tape end (or picture end in playback).

Last Function Memory

The mode settings valid when the VCR's power switch is turned OFF or the power supply is interrupted are automatically saved in memory. Operation data stored in memory includes input switching, return-point selection, and REC SAFETY lock mode.

Auto Recording/Playback Re-Start

If the supply of power to the VCR is interrupted during operation by a power outage or disconnection, recording/playback resumes automatically when the power is supplied again.

Variable Slow Motion Control

You can examine recorded images more carefully using slow-motion playback. Two speeds are available: ±1/6 and ±1/18.

Wired-Remote Control Ready

The optional RM-G30 wired remote control gives you more dependable remote control over the VCR.

Insert & Assemble Editing Capability

Lets you replace the original picture without affecting the sound (linear audio track).

Daily Recording Timer Repeat

You can set the VCR to record at a specified time each day. When the tape reaches the end, it is automatically rewound to the beginning.

Secure Operation Mode Lock

Prevent undesired operation simply by pressing the remote control's power button for 7 seconds to disable all operation keys.

Preferential-User Function Lock

Another way to prevent accidental operation or tampering is by locking the desired operation mode (recording, playback or repeat play) using the wireless remote control unit.
• When the Record mode is locked, all other operation buttons are disabled until recording is complete. 
• When the Play mode is locked, all operation buttons other than the PLAY button are disabled until tape end or picture end is reached.
• When the Repeat Play mode is locked, all other operation buttons are disabled.

Rec Safety Lock

Recording is possible on tapes with no erasure prevention tabs.


Jitter and other image artifacts are automatically corrected, ensuring stable playback pictures.

S-VHS High-Quality Pictures

With more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution, Super VHS gives you a picture that's the ideal complement for today's high-quality DVDs and soon-to-come digital TV. Sixty percent better than ordinary video, Super VHS's high resolution is just what you need to record high quality programs or edit original camcorder footage. Super VHS is also ideal for creating master tapes, and since resolution remains high even in EP, high quality extended-time recording is also possible.

Super VHS ET Recording

JVC's breakthrough Super VHS ET (Expansion Technology) eliminates the need to use exclusive, hard-to-find tapes for Super VHS recording. Now you can record high-resolution Super VHS signals on the ordinary VHS tapes you can find in any store.

Other features:

  • Rec Link

  • Input Switch

  • Date/Time Insert Recording

  • Built-in tuner

  • Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with MTS Decoder

  • Plug & Play

  • Active Video Calibration

  • Jog/Shuttle on Deck

  • Shuttle Plus

  • Wireless remote control provided

  • Ready for wired remote control


Power requirement   AC 120 V, 60 Hz
Power consumption   20W (2.5W with power off)
Dimensions (W x H x D)   15-3/4 x 3-3/4 x 11-3/16 inches
400 x 94 x 283 mm
Weight   3.4 kg (7.5lbs.)



5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)



-20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Operating position   Horizontal only
Format   S-VHS/VHS NTSC standard
Maximum recording time    
SP:   210 min. with ST-210 video cassette
EP:   630 min. with ST-210 video cassette
Signal system   NTSC-type color signal and EIA monochrome signal, 525 lines/60 fields
Recording/Playback system   DA-4 (Double Azimuth) head helical scan system
Signal-to-noise ratio   45dB
Horizontal resolution    



230 lines



400 lines

Frequency range    

Normal audio


70 Hz to 10,000Hz

Hi-Fi audio


20 Hz to 20,000Hz

Input/output   RCA connectors (IN x 2, OUT x 1), S-video
connectors (IN x 2, OUT x 1)
Tuning system   Frequency-synthesized tuner
Channel coverage   VHF: Channels 2 - 13
UHF: Channels 14 - 69
CATV: 113 Channels
RF output   Channel 3 or 4 (switchable; press to Channel 3 when shipped), 75 ohms, unbalanced
Clock reference   Quartz
Program capacity   1-year programmable timer/8 programs
Memory backup time   Approx. 6 months, estimated figure based on supplied fresh battery; actual Performance may differ.


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