• Samsung Converting VCR - VHS - Multi-System - Samsung SV-5000P (Overseas Model)
  • Samsung Converting VCR - VHS - Multi-System - Samsung SV-5000P (Overseas Model)
  • Samsung Converting VCR - VHS - Multi-System - Samsung SV-5000P (Overseas Model)
Samsung Converting VCR - VHS - Multi-System - Samsung SV-5000P (Overseas Model)
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Samsung Converting VCR - VHS - Multi-System - Samsung SV-5000P (Overseas Model) Samsung Converting VCR - VHS - Multi-System - Samsung SV-5000P (Overseas Model) Samsung Converting VCR - VHS - Multi-System - Samsung SV-5000P (Overseas Model)

Samsung Converting VCR - VHS - Multi-System - Samsung SV-5000P (Overseas Model)

$ 849.99




220V - Made for OVERSEAS ONLY


General Features

  • It will allow you to play PAL tapes on an NTSC (American TV) and convert them into NTSC if you have an NTSC VCR
  • If you want to send NTSC tapes overseas you can convert your NTSC taps into PAL with this VCR
  • Worldwide Tape Conversion
  • Worldwide TV Tuning Capability
  • Worldwide Video Playback
  • Worldwide AC Power Operation
  • MTS Stereo Decoder For NTSC
  • Dual Azimuth 4-Head Hi-Fi Stereo
  • Diamond Head Long Life Video Head System
  • Six Language On-screen Display
  • Jog/Shuttle Control on Remote
  • Six Hour Memory Backup
  • Digital Special Effects

Video Features

  • Worldwide NTSC PAL SECAM playback on any monitor: advanced digital standards conversion circuitry lets you playback VHS tapes recorded in any of the worlds major TV broadcast systems-on any monitor (e.g. can playback a PAL tape on an NTSC monitor), except SECAM-L
  • Worldwide tape conversion: Converts NTSC tapes into PAL OR SECAM; PAL tapes into NTSC or SECAM; and SECAM tapes into NTSC OR PAL
  • Worldwide TV broadcast tuner: Record from the broadcast standards listed above
  • 6-event/1-month timer fokr programm multiple recordings
  • Diamond Head long life video head system: A carbon laminate seals the video heads from dirt reduces wear substantially increases video head life and eliminates the need for regular head cleaning
  • Digital variable speed slow motion still and fram advance for a noise-free jitter-free image reproduction that is far superior to analog images seen on standard VCRs
  • Digital strobe special effect gives impression of movement under strobe lighting with normal sound. Adjustable in 5 steps 1 frame per 8 fields to 1 frame per 128 fields
  • Dual azimuth 4-head recording/playback delivers beautiful crystal clear pictures in freeze frame slow motion and high speed picture search
  • Narrow width video head (26 Micron Head Gap) for improved playback picture quality in SLP mode
  • Picture sharpness control for adjusting the picture to produce softer or more defined edges
  • Quasi S-VHS playback capability for playing the higher resolution S-VHS recordings
  • VCR Plus+ Video Plus Showview G-Code: Worldwide easy timer programming capability
  • Original input display (monitor) keeps track on the original input signal during the conversion recording

Audio Features

  • MTS Stereo Decoder (NTSC only) receives TV and unscrambled cable broadcasts in stereo
  • Second audio program (SAP) capability with second language audio capability
  • VHS Hi-Fi stereo recording and playback provides spectacular audio performance with wide dynamic range and extended frequency response
  • Audio dubbing allows recording new audio (e.g. background music or voice-over naration) in place of existing audio without erasing the video. Allows language translation of tapes by re-recording over the longitudinal audio track


  • Worldwide AC power input (100v-240v 50/60 Hz) for operating the VCR anywhere in the world
  • Large visual fluorescent display provides readout for time real time tape counter system conversion information cassette insert indicator andaudio level meters
  • Auto system select: VCR automatically identifies and selects the correct broadcast system of the source tape (with manual override available)
  • High speed mechanism rewinds and fast forwards a T-120 tape in less than 2 minutes (180x in SLP)
  • Jog/Shuttle control on remote: It's what the professionals use to control playback. Rotate the inner jog dial for frame-by-frame play back. Turn the outer shuttle ring for variable slow motion and high-speed search (all in forward & reverse directions)
  • Front-panel audio/video inputs for convenient line input from another video device or camcorder
  • Skip/scan function lets you "drop-in" and scan the picture in FF or REW mode at the touch of a button
  • Six language on-screen display: English French Spanish German Italian and Japanese
  • 181-channel frequency synthesized tuning capability
  • Quick start mechanism for fast access to the video image within 1.5 seconds and a shorter response time between functions
  • Digital auto tracking adjusts positioning of the video heads to assure best picture and sound quality. Manual adjustment is available
  • Real time counter in hours minutes and seconds
  • Tape remaining display in hours and minutes on screen and on the front panel LED display
  • Auto play when cassette tape is inserted (defeatable)
  • HQ video circuitry plus luminance noise reduction (YNR): The YNR enhancement circuitry improves picture quality by increasing increasing signal-to-noise ratio by more than 1.5dB
  • Luminescent remote control with jog/shuttle funtions
  • Remote eject button provides armchair convenience in ejecting the tape when finished viewing so the tape is not left stretched around the video head drum
  • Six hour memory backup


Format: VHS standard
TV system input/output: NTSC 3.58 NTSC 4.43 PAL PAL-N PAL-M SECAM MESECAM
Tape recording/playback: NTSC PAL PAL-M SECAM MESECAM
NTSC/PAL-M recording speeds: SP/SLP
NTSC/PAL-M playback speeds: SP/LP/SLP
PAL/PAL-N/SECAM recording and playback speeds: SP/LP
Frequency response: 20 Hz-20 kHZ (VHS Hi-Fi)
Video and L/R audio input: Phono type(1 front 1 rear)
Video and L/R audio output: Phono type(1 front 1 rear)
Power requirement: 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: Approximately 24 watts
Net dimensions: 17"(W)x3 1/8"(H)x11 5/8"(D)
Net weight: 9 1/2 lbs

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