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Here’s a hypothetical situation: You have an 8mm VCR and, with it, about 200 tapes of home movies that mean the world to you. The time has come that you realize, “If I don’t transfer these tapes over to digital now, they aren’t gonna last much longer.”

You decide to sit down, hook up that 8mm VCR, and start dubbing tapes to save those precious memories. Then, you hit the play button.


The VCR won’t work. Or even worse, it does start to work, but begins eating your tape. Rather than saving those memories, you’re about to damage or destroy them because your 8mm VCR is on the fritz.

Now you’re in a position where you need to search high and low to find a brand new 8mm VCR, but considering you likely weren’t prepared to have to make such an investment, you simply can’t afford one. With the supply of these machines limited and the demand still high, the price can be well out of your reach.

That’s where we can help.

We don’t just specialize in selling rare and discontinued formats; we specialize in repairing them as well.

These days, it can be hard to find a company that will not only repair a discontinued product, but will do it at a reasonable price. Our goal is to be able to give you the option to keep your memories alive at a cost your wallet and your bank account can handle.

Currently, our primary focus of repair is on rare and discontinued VCR’s. To help better guide you, below are the main formats that we service:

    • VHS / S-VHS VCR’s
      Examples: Panasonic AG-1980, Sony SL-VR1000, JVC-SR-S365U

    • Hi8 / Digital8 / 8mm VCR’s
      Examples: Sony GV-D800, Sony EV-A50, Sony EVO-550H

    • MiniDV & Digital VCR’s
      Examples: Panasonic AG-DV2000, JVC BR-DV3000U, Sony DSR-11

    • Multi-System VCR’s
      Examples: Samsung SV-5000W, Panasonic AG-W3, Aiwa HV-MX100

    • Combination VCR’s (MiniDV & S-VHS)
      Examples: JVC SR-VS20U, JVC SR-VS30U, etc.

      In addition, we have expanded our operation to include service repairs to several discontinued video mixers, such as the Videonics MX-1, Videonics MXPro, Videonics MXProDV, among several others.

      The best way to find out if we can help you is to either give us a call at 1-800-632-6076, use our Live Chat, or to contact us through our contact page and provide us with the information about the item you wish to have serviced.

      We look forward to helping you with your repair needs!

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