• Sony 8mm VCR - Player / Recorder - Hi8 Playback - Professional - Sony EVO-540
Sony 8mm VCR - Player / Recorder - Hi8 Playback - Professional - Sony EVO-540
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Sony 8mm VCR - Player / Recorder - Hi8 Playback - Professional - Sony EVO-540

$ 899.99



The Sony EVO-540 is a standard 8mm VCR loaded with features that make it an effective tool for various applications. It sports a time code reader, provides Hi8 playback, clean still and slow motion, and even has a bilingual function. Also has a dual mode shuttle ring, automatic repeat function and timer playback for enhanced operation.

  • Has Hi8 playback capability which is designed to playback Hi8 recorded tapes. When Hi8 recorded tapes are inserted, the EVO-540 automatically adjusts the de-emphasis circuit for the Hi8 format. So you can playback Hi8 and standard 8mm tapes.

  • Equipped with AFM Hi-Fi stereo and PCM digital stereo recording systems. Digital PCM audio delivers sound quality to rival CD's.

  • The EVO-540 can read both professional 8mm time code and RC time code. By reading either time code recorded on the tape the EVO-540 can quickly and easily locate desired points on the tape.

  • Auto Repeat - The VTR senses a blank section of six seconds or longer at the end of the program and automatically rewinds the tape to the initial start point. Then playback begins.

  • In addition to the stereo recording capability, the EVO-540 has secondary audio playback capability. Since two different sound sources are recorded on separate audio channels, such as in bilingual audio system, either Main, Sub, or Mixed sound monitoring can be selected.

  • Dual Mode Shuttle Ring - offers quick and easy picture search. Fast Forward / Rewind, Still, 1/5 and 1 X normal speed in either forward or reverse as well as Play and Stop can be controlled. Double speed playback is also available

  • Has Control - L and Control - P terminals. The Control - L terminal allows the EVO-540 to be used in an edit system as a source player. The Control - P input and output terminals allow multiple machines to be daisychained and controlled by the optional RM-S52A wired remote controller.

  • Has a timer playback function. When the timer is set to on, the EVO-540 will automatically go into playback mode when the power is turned on. Thus playback operation can be controlled by an external AC timer.

  • Has 3-head system allowing a noiseess still picture. Clear slow motion playback is also possible.

  • A linear time counter shows tape position in hours, minutes, and seconds to indicate accurate tape running time. By pressing the TC / counter button, either time code or the counter display can be selected.

  • Supplied wireless remote, RMT-540 controls most of the VTR functions including picture search, and frame-by-frame picture advance.


  • Weight : 2.2kg (4 lb, 14 oz )

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 
    25 x 75 x 252mm
    (8 7/8 x 3 x 10" )

  • Recording Speed : SP mode only

  • Playback Speed : SP / LP mode

  • Fast Forward time : 3 min ( Sony P6-90 )

  • Rewind Time : 3 min ( Sony P6-90 )

  • Search Speed : -1/5, Still, 1/5, x1, x2, Cue / Review, Locked Cue / Review, FR search.


  • Recording System : Rotary 2 head helical scanning FM system

  • Resolution : Standard mode : 230 lines

  • S / N Ratio : Standard mode : 42dB


  • Frequency Response : 
    AFM:30Hz to 14kHz
    PCM: 30Hz to 15kHz

  • Dynamic Range : 
    AFM: better than 60dB 
    PCM: better than 75dB


  • Video : 
    Line input : BNC (1) 
    Line output : BNC (1), Phono (1)

  • Audio : 
    Line input : Phono (stereo)
    1 set Line output : Phono (stereo) 1 set

Supplied Accessories

  • Wireless remote RMT-540

  • Cleaning Tape (1)

Optional Accessories

  • Wireless remote control

  • Unit RM-S52A

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