• Sony Video Walkman VCR - Digital8 - Sony GV-D800
Sony Video Walkman VCR - Digital8 - Sony GV-D800
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Sony Video Walkman VCR - Digital8 - Sony GV-D800

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The Sony GV-D800 is a compact and portable Digital 8 Video Walkman for playing, recording and editing your footage. and offers 20 segment Assemble Editing, using Infrared signals that are compatible with a wide array of consumer camcorders and VCRs, as well as LaserLink IFT-R20 Wireless Transmitter System, SP and LP Record/Playback speeds, i.LINK DV Interface (IEEE-1394), 16-bit or 12-bit PCM Audio, Frame Advance, crystal clear Still and Slow Motion, Index Titler and Time Code. The GVD-800 is a backward compatible VCR that allows the Hi-8 and 8mm tape playback, incorporates a active matrix 4" color LCD monitor.

Digital-8 Video Recording

Records digital Video and Audio on a standard 8mm or Hi-8 tape, The Digital-8 technology delivers a richer and more accurate picture quality than the analog 8mm or Hi-8 format. With the Digital-8 format Sony's strategy is to ease the video transition from analog to digital by increasing the capabilities of the 8mm/Hi-8 tape format, The main benefits of the Digital-8 recording is the Digital picture with PCM Sound quality.

PCM Stereo Audio

Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) recording for an incredible 96db dynamic range.
The Digital-8 provides two audio recording modes 12 and 16 bit. 12 bit creates two sets of stereo tracks, and 16 bit mode offers one pair of stereo tracks.

i.Link DV Interface: (IEEE-1394)

The i.Link DV In/Out interface (IEEE-1394) provides a high-speed, bi-directional digital link between camcorders or VCR's for digital to digital editing, which delivers unmatched versatility and performance.

Analog Input

In addition to DV Interface, they feature Composite (RCA) and S-Video input and output for compatibility with Analog equipment. A headphone jack is included, as well.


Index Titler lets you create custom titles (22 characters), 2 sizes, 7 colors, 9 positions, or 8 preset titles (Happy Birthday etc.)


The built in Assemble Editor lets you mark cut in and cutout points for up to 20 separate scenes. Use the Video Walkman as your source VCR, while controlling almost any remote capable camcorder or VCR, via Infrared as your recorder. To use the Video Walkman as your recorder.

LCD Monitor

Incorporates a 4" color LCD screen with Active Matrix technology to provide clear, accurate colors for on the spot Playback of recordings.

2X Playback and Playback Zoom

2X playback zoom allows for high speed playback in forward and reverse, and playback zoom enables you to zoom into selected areas of the video for a superb editing option.

Digital Noise Reduction

When recording, this automatic circuit helps to reduce chromatic noise by up to 20 percent.

Time Based Correction (TBC)

By replacing the video signal with a clear sync pulse, timing errors that are commonly seen as jitter in home videos are corrected.

Control L (Lanc)

Connects camcorders, VCR's and editing controllers for precise control and ease of use during editing or dubbing.



System NTSC

Record: Digital 8

Playback: Digital 8, Hi-8, and 8mm

Number Of Heads 2 heads
Flying Erase Head No
Insert Editing Yes
Synchro Edit With Control-L (Lanc)
Time Code Yes
Control Protocol With Control-L (Lanc)
Time Base Corrector (TBC) Yes
Dig. Noise Reduction (DNR) Yes
Jog/Shuttle No
Slow Motion Yes
Frame Advance Yes
Manual Tracking No
VCR Plus No
Cable Box Control No
Program Timer Recording No
Repeat Playback No
Auto Head Cleaner No
Record Speeds SP/LP
Playback Speeds SP/LP
Data Search Yes
181-Channel Tuner No

Video / Audio

Audio/Video Input

1 x S-Video

1 x Mini A/V (With Mini-RCA)

1 x IEEE-1394 (FireWire-DV) 4 Pin

Audio/Video Output

1 x S-Video

1x A/V RCA

1x IEEE-1394 (FireWire-DV) 4 Pin

Headphone Jack

Yes, Mini


PCM Digital Stereo 12 bit 32 kHz/4ch, 16 bit 48 kHz/2ch

Microphone Input


Audio Dub


Audio Level Meter


Manual Audio Level Control



Power Requirements

23 Watts, 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz


5 7/8" x 2 5/8" x 5 3/8"


2 lbs 1 oz.


Remote No


Digital Program Editing

Playback with Zoom

Digital Effects

Built In Titler

Super Laser Link

Tape Counter Indicator.

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