• JVC BR-HD50U Compact HDV/DV Format Video Recorder
  • JVC BR-HD50U Compact HDV/DV Format Video Recorder
JVC BR-HD50U Compact HDV/DV Format Video Recorder
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JVC BR-HD50U Compact HDV/DV Format Video Recorder JVC BR-HD50U Compact HDV/DV Format Video Recorder

JVC BR-HD50U Compact HDV/DV Format Video Recorder

$ 1,299.99



The companion model to the GY-HD100, the JVC BR-DH50U is designed to transfer video and audio data to a non-linear editing system. Optimized for use with a wide variety of existing systems and formats, this unit features switchable HDV and DV modes and analog outputs. You can also connect it to a plasma or LCD panels equipped with an HDMI connector and use it as a low-cost viewer.

Multi-format Output/Cross-Converter

A sophisticated cross-converter function enables output not only of 720p signals, but also 1080i, 480/576p and 480/576i signals. Also the switchable HDV/DV recording modes and DVCAM playback, allows you to use this deck with existing editing systems.

International Compatibility

The BR-HD50U can switch between HDV 60 Hz or 50 Hz base as required. You can record and playback 720/25p and 576/50p in addition to 720/24p/30p and 480/60p. This makes it easy to work with internationally sourced material and transfer it to a non-linear system for editing and then archiving to tape. You can also record to Standard DV or Mini DV tape in either HDV 60 Hz or 50 Hz base format.

Recording and Playback Formats

The BR-HD50U can record HDV format 720/30p/25p/24p, 480/60p or 576/50p video. It is also compatible with the DV format 480/60i and 480/24p video. The tape mechanism accommodates both Standard DV and Mini DV format cassettes without any adapter.

Digital Outputs

The deck has a FireWire connection that will output both standard and high definition video without signal degradation and a almost universal NLE interface. A HDMI connector can be used for connecting to a HD projector or flat-screen monitor.

Analog Connections

In addition to the FireWire output the BR-HD50 is equipped with analog component (3-BNC) output connectors for HD and SD. Y/C input/output connectors and composite input/output connectors are also available for standard definition modes.

Continuous Recording Feature

When a camcorder is connected to the BR-HD50 via the FireWire connector the BR-HD50 will start recording 5 minutes before the tape in the camcorder ends. This enables continuous shooting for extended periods with no breaks in the recording.

   Signal System    NTSC
   Format    HDV
720p format,8-bit,19.7 Mbps
MPEG-2 Video     Compression (profile & level:MP@H-14)

8-Bit, 4:1:1     Sampling
5:1 Compression, 25mb/sec.
   Tape Speed    18.812 mm/s
   Signal-to-Noise Ratio        Not Specified By Manufacturer
   Maximum Record Time    276 min with Large Cassette
63 min with Small     Cassette
   Audio Signal Format    HDV
MPEG 1 Audio Layer II

16-bit     (locked audio),48 kHz PCM for 2 channels
12-bit,32 kHz PCM for 4     channels
   Frequency Response    20Hz to 20kHz
   Signal to Noise Ratio        Not Specified By Manufacturer
   Input and Output Connectors    Component: BNC (x1 Output)
HDMI: 19-Pin (x1     Output)
Firewire: 6-Pin (x1 Input, x1 Output)
S-Video: 4-Pin     (x1 Input, x1 Output)
Composite Video: BNC (x1 Input, x1 Output)
   Audio Input: RCA (x2 Input, x2 Output)
RS-422 Remote: 9-Pin (x1)
   Serial Remote: Mini Jack (x1)
Headphones: Stereo Mini (x1)
   Power: Coaxial (x1 Input)
   Power Requirements    12 VDC (from AC Adapter)
   Power Consumption    20W
   Operating Temperature    41-104°F (5-40°C)
   Dimensions (WxHxD)    8.3 x 3.5 x 12.9" (21.2 x 8.8 x 32.7 cm)
   Weight    8.6 lb (3.9 kg)

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