• Sony SL-HF2100 Super Beta HiFi VCR
Sony SL-HF2100 Super Beta HiFi VCR
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Sony SL-HF2100 Super Beta HiFi VCR

$ 2,699.99



The much-awaited 15th Anniversary Betamax, also known as the Buttonless Betamax, the Sony SL-HF2100 has a huge front-panel swing-down door that runs the width of the machine, with unique touch-pad with all the machine functions; unique LED readout with scrolling messages; the first Sony Beta to ever have automatic tracking.

  • Recorded B-I Super High Band like the SL-HF1000
  • Had video and audio insert editing
  • 4 heads
  • S-video inputs and outputs
  • 1-month, 8-event programming
  • lacked a headphone jack
  • Had the most high-tech but impractical remote control ever conceived, again with no buttons, just a long touch-pad with 13 different menu screens and two-way communication with the unit
  • Heavily sought after on the used Beta market and, the last high-end, full-featured American-market Beta produced

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