• Sony EVO-9850 Professional Hi8 Video Recorder / Player
Sony EVO-9850 Professional Hi8 Video Recorder / Player
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Sony EVO-9850 Professional Hi8 Video Recorder / Player

$ 2,489.99




High Quality Sound by PCM & AFM Recording. 
2 channel of high quality PCM digital audio
Single channel of AFM recording systems. 
Range for PCM is 80dB. 
XLR Audio Connectors (not included)
EVO-9850 provides balanced audio inputs and outputs by XLR connectors that provide correct interfacing w/ other audio equipment.



8mm Time Code 
Equipped w/ a built-in 8mm time code generator that records an absolute address on the video tape & performs time code based editing.  
8mm time code is recorded between the video and the PCM audio tracks to identify each frame. 
The time code data is converted and transmitted by 9-pin 
If the tape was recorded with no time code EVO-9850 allows the subsequent insertion of 8mm time code on the tape.  
Existing time code can be over written with new time code. 
External SYNC Lock Capability


IN/OUT connectors:
The S connectors carry separate Y (luminance), C (chrominance) input / output signals reducing cross color, dot interference to minimize picture deterioration during signal transmission.

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