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  • JVC SR-VS30EK "PAL" MiniDV / Super VHS Hi-Fi Stereo VCR
JVC SR-VS30EK "PAL" MiniDV / Super VHS Hi-Fi Stereo VCR
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JVC SR-VS30EK "PAL" MiniDV / Super VHS Hi-Fi Stereo VCR

$ 899.99



***Please Note***

This is the PAL version of the JVC SR-VS30U and is meant for use overseas where the PAL signal is used.

With MiniDV and S-VHS recorders integrated in a single unit, the JVC SR-VS30EK provides a complete high-performance solution for editing MiniDV projects, finishing to S-VHS, or dubbing to or from either format. Easy integration with most NLE systems, convenient built-in editing features including automatic editing from MiniDV to Super VHS/VHS, plus outstanding picture quality, PCM digital audio, robust tape transport mechanism and many other features make this powerful double deck today's most versatile video production tool.


  • DVCAM™ Playback Capability

  • Simultaneous Recording

  • Easy PC Connectivity and Non-Linear Editing Compatibility (MiniDV/S-VHS/VHS PC)

  • MiniDV Format

  • High Resolution Super VHS Images

  • Super VHS ET Recording

  • DigiPure Technology

  • PCM Digital Audio (MiniDV) and Hi-Fi VHS Stereo with NICAM Decoder

  • One-Touch Dubbing (MiniDV - S-VHS/VHS)

  • 64-Programme “EasyEdit” (MiniDV - S-VHS/VHS)

  • DV Input/Output (i.Link, IEEE 1394 compliant)

  • Advanced Jog Dial on VCR

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