• JVC HDTV Recorder - S-VHS/D-VHS - JVC HM-DH40000U
JVC HDTV Recorder - S-VHS/D-VHS - JVC HM-DH40000U
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JVC HDTV Recorder - S-VHS/D-VHS - JVC HM-DH40000U

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The JVC HM-DH4000U S-VHS/D-VHS HDTV Recorder, D-VHS or Digital-VHS is the format HDTV was waiting for. In fact, it is the only medium and format currently capable of recording digital content of all ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) broadcast standards in the U.S., from SDTV (Standard Definition) to HDTV (High Definition). Up to six times better quality than DVD, the incredibly high read/write speed (28.2Mb/s in HS mode) of D-VHS makes it possible to record HDTV broadcasts, while the huge storage capacity of an 8-hour D-VHS cassette (50GB) allows you to record up to 4 hours of HDTV - whereby an entire HD encoded film can fit on a single cassette, with room to spare.

Since D-VHS can record any type of broadcast (even analog), you can record, for example, up to 24 hours of cable programming on a single D-VHS cassette. Lastly, Since D-VHS uses the same tape transport mechanism as regular VHS, it can record and play back analog VHS and S-VHS tapes as well, ensuring complete compatibility with existing tape libraries

Built-In HDTV Compatible MPEG2 Decoder

High Definition set top box is compatible with a High Definition Television capable of displaying 1080i (1080 x 1920) and/or 720p (720 x 1280).

HS Mode

28.2Mb/s for up to 4 hours of HDTV recording, digital bitstream recording/playback.
STD Mode
14.1Mb/s for up to 8 hours SD recording, digital bitstream recording/playback.
LS3 Mode
4.7Mb/s for up to 24 hours long-time recording.
LS5 Mode
For up to 40 hours long-time recording on to a DF-480 cassette. 
The video on D-VHS tapes is uncompressed, so it's enormous. For example, a 75GB hard disk can only hold 30 minutes of the video.

5.1-Channel Dolby Digital

D-Theater HD software delivers powerfully realistic home theater sound, because D-VHS's audio data transfer rate accommodates 576Kb/s, close to the full spec transfer rate of 5.1-channel Dolby Digital. While other formats may offer 5.1-channel surround, only D-VHS can bring out all of the subtle nuances and dynamic impact of those 5.1-channel movie soundtracks. Down-mixed 2-channel Linear PCM output is also supported, in case your audio system doesn't have a Dolby Digital decoder. Either way, the optical output makes it easy to connect and enjoy superior audio performance on your theater system.

DigiPure Technology

Top-of-the-line picture performance, which includes several important technologies:

  • A TBC (Time Base Corrector) digitally removes jitter from fluctuating video signals to deliver a stable picture even on old tapes. Also eliminates color distortion caused by jitter in the color signal.
  • 3-Dimensional Digital Circuit with Frame Memory creates a solid base for new digital technologies with a 4MB memory.
  • Digital YNR/CNR removes noise to improve the S/N ratio by approximately 3dB.
  • Precise Digital 3-D Y/C Separation improves S/N, reduces image border dot interference and yields better quality moving images with a Digital Comb Filter.

Video Navigation with Title & Category Input

Video Navigation function makes program access and tape library management a breeze. This function builds a table of contents on every tape you record, assigning a unique number to each tape, and lets you input tape and program titles (up to 2000 titles). The system stores all data in memory, allowing tapes to be sorted by tape number, date and category, for pinpoint location of the program you are looking for. Just choose the desired program from the on-screen list, and the VCR will rewind and play it.

Super VHS-ET (S-VHS ET) Expansion Technology

Recording allows the broader bandwidth Super VHS (S-VHS) quality signal to be recorded on standard VHS (video home system) tapes. (High-grade tapes are recommended.).

MPEG-2 Codec for Digital Recording

The built-in Standard Definition MPEG-2 encoder/decoder or CODEC function enables D-VHS digital recording from NTSC analog sources, as well as DV MPEG-2 conversion recording from a connected MiniDV video camera. Also, when dubbing from an external analog video source such as a camcorder or VCR, JVC's Frame Synchronizer/TBC eliminates jitter from the input signal to produce high quality dubs that can actually appear to surpass the quality of the original.

HDTV Component Video Output

(Y,PB,PR) Terminals let you connect to an HDTV or projector equipped with Component input, so you can enjoy the full quality of D-Theater software as signals are decoded by the built-in MPEG-2 HD Decoder.

i.Link (IEEE-1394) FireWire

This IEEE-1394 compliant digital interface allows the connection of a digital settop box or HD and SD camcorder for the transfer and recording of HD and SD digital signals.

DV and MPEG Input

Copy free digital to digital dubbing. Easy with direct digital connection of standard definition 480i, converting DV to MPEG-2 and receiving Transport Stream HD MPEG-2 from camcorders or PCs via the IEEE 1394 connection.

Playback Picture Format

You can choose the output format that matches your current home theater environment, as well as any system upgrades you make later on. 
Recorded Format

Selectable Playback Output
1080i / 480i 
1080i / 720p /480i 
480p / 480i 

Video Navigation

Finding what you want to watch from up to 1000 titles is easy, with Library and Search functions, plus more. 
Library function: A list of recorded programs sorted by Tape number, Title, Category or Date. 
Search function: Offers an all in one interface from which you can Play, Stop, Delete or Edit programs on the tape. 
Blank function: Lets you efficiently manage the portions of tape that are available for recording.

VCR Plus+ Timer Recording with Cable Box Controller

Instant timer programming just by the input of a Plus Code number. You won't have to go through a lengthy setup process, since the VCR Plus+ guide channels are set.

MTS Decoder for SAP Programs

Allows viewing/recording of stereo and bilingual broadcasts.

Express Programming

For easy manual timer setting just by following a single row.

Plug & Play

For automatic tuner and clock setup, simply by hooking up the antenna and plugging in the power.

Auto Daylight Saving Time

No need to set the clock forward or back twice a year.

Rec Link

Enables the VCR to automatically turn on and record a program when a connected satellite receiver or cable box turns on.

Active Video Calibration

Automatically calibrates tape quality and measures video head condition to optimize long term picture performance.

Picture Control

Lets you choose from 4 different settings to best match the material you are viewing (Auto, Edit, Soft, Sharp).

Auto SP- EP Timer Recording

Automatically switches from SP to EP to fit the entire program on the tape.

Auto Head Cleaner

Repeat Playback (up to 50 times)

Remote Pause

J-Terminal (RS-232 compatible JLIP)

Easy integration into computer controlled video editing system.


For easy integration into JVC home theater system.

Skip Search and Shuttle Search x11 SP

Fast 100 sec. FF/REW for T-120 cassette

1-Year/24-Event Programmable Timer

D-VHS Recorder
Head Configuration:  
D-VHS 5 Head
VHS DA-4 + Hi-Fi Audio 2 Head
Recording Audio Format:  
D-VHS Linear PCM or MPEG-1 Layer2
Dolby Digital/DTS/PCM Digital Out Yes/Yes/Yes (D-VHS)
Recording Video Format:  
D-VHS DVB Standard MPEG-2 TS
S-VHS ET Recording Yes (S-VHS)
Recording Time (Approx.)*  
HS 4 hours (28.2 Mbps) (D-VHS)
STD 8 hours (14.1 Mbps) (D-VHS)
LS3 24 hours (4.7 Mbps) (D-VHS)
LS5 40 hours (2.8 Mbps) (D-VHS)
Recording and Playback Speeds**:  
D-VHS LS5 / LS3 / STD / HS / LP / EP / SP
Motion Active Progressive Scan Output Yes (S-VHS/VHS)
Super MPEG Encode Pre-Processor  
Time Base Corrector Yes (S-VHS/VHS)
Frame Synchronizer Yes (S-VHS/VHS)
Motion Active Noise Reduction Yes (S-VHS/VHS)
DigiPure Technology Yes (S-VHS/VHS)
Frame Memory About 6MB
A.V. Calibration Yes (S-VHS/VHS)
Navigation Yes Over1000 Titles
Chapter Yes (D-Theater)
Variable Search (Forward/Reverse) Yes (S-VHS/VHS)
Variable Slow (Forward/Reverse) +/- 1/6, +/- 1/18 (S-VHS/VHS)
Shuttle Search SP 11x, EP 31x, HS 6x, STD 12x, LS3 36x, LS5 60x
Index Search Yes
Skip Search Yes
Repeat Playback (up to 50x) Yes (except LS3 and LS5)
Picture Control Yes (AUTO / EDIT / SOFT / SHARP) (S-VHS/VHS)
FF/REW Speed 100 Sec.
Next Function Memory REW --> OFF, PLAY, TIMER, EJECT
Broadcast Standard M
Stereo Decoder MTS
Channel Storage 181 ch
Plug & Play Yes
Timer Program 1-Year/24-Program
Express Programming Yes
VCR Plus+ Yes (VCR Plus+ C3 w/ Cable Box Control)
Permanent Program Memory Yes
S-Video In Yes
Composite Video In Yes
Audio L/R In Yes
Component Out Yes
S-Video In/Out Yes x 2 / Yes x 2
Composite Video In/Out -/Yes x 2
Audio L/R In/Out Yes x 2 / Yes x 2
Optical Digital Out Yes
In/Out DV x 2 (including front) 4-pin, DTCP Compatible DVB Standard MPEG-2 TS, HDV720P
In DV x 2 (rear)
AV Compu Link Yes
On-Screen Display:  
On-Screen Language Eng.
Multi-Brand Remote Yes (Glow)
Power Backup Time 10 Min.
Power Requirements AC 120V/60Hz
Power Consumption:  
Power On 42W
Standby 18W
Dimensions (W x H x D):  
in. 17-3/16 x 3-3/4 x 15-1/8
mm 435 x 94 x 383
lbs. 12.2
kg 5.5

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