• Panasonic MiniDV VCR - Panasonic AG-DV2000
Panasonic MiniDV VCR - Panasonic AG-DV2000
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Panasonic MiniDV VCR - Panasonic AG-DV2000

$ 1,189.99



The AG-DV2000 is a DV-format VCR that offers easy, single-VCR editing with superior Digital picture quality. Utilizing a professional transport mechanism based on DVCPRO technology, the deck assures quick response time and outstanding reliability. 

  • Digital Video format offers over 500 lines of horizontal resolution, three times the bandwidth of S-VHS Analog VCRs and significantly higher S/N ratio, to provide stunning Video performance.
  • Digital Component Video recording dramatically improves color rendition and accuracy, while reducing color smear.
  • PCM Digital Stereo Audio offers a choice of either: two 12-bit/32k Hz stereo tracks for near CD sound quality, or one 16-bit/48k Hz stereo track for DAT quality recording.
  • Allows high-density, high-quality DV recording in both SP mode and extended LP mode. In LP (1.5x recording time), you can record up to three hours on a single cassette.
  • The AG-DV2000 records onto DV cassettes that can be played back in DVCPRO decks, such as the AJ-D230H and AJ-D650, with the optional cassette adapter.
  • Equipped with i.Link DV terminal for digital dubbing without degradation. The DV terminal also allows sophisticated system control.
  • Complete Analog compatibility with two sets of Composite and S-Video inputs and outputs and two sets of stereo Audio inputs and outputs.
  • Built around the same aluminum die-cast chassis and transport mechanism used in DVCPRO VCRs. The rugged casing protects the high-precision mechanism to assure tape travel reliability, head tracking and durability. The mechanism also assures extra-quick search and response times, and accurate editing of scenes.
  • Advanced reel drive technology provides faster tape travel without damaging the tape. It improves control at all travel speeds and provides extra-responsive jog and shuttle operations. It also offers Super Linear Slow, an incredibly smooth and natural 11/5x slow motion playback.
  • In Automatic mode (programmed editing), the AG-DV2000 serves as either the recorder or player and controls the other machine. Up to 40 sets of edit start and end points can be set for automatic editing.
  • In Manual Editing mode, the AG-DV2000 can serve as the recorder and will control the playback unit, designating only the edit start points (One-Touch Editing), or the AG-DV2000 can serve as either the recorder or playback unit, control the other machine, and set the edit points by time code. Additional key features include timing control, phase and color level adjustment, pre-roll editing, frame-by-frame time code.

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