• Sony S-VHS VCR - Hi-Fi Stereo - Sony SLV-R1000
Sony S-VHS VCR - Hi-Fi Stereo - Sony SLV-R1000
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Sony S-VHS VCR - Hi-Fi Stereo - Sony SLV-R1000

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  • Adaptive Picture Control (APC) tests each tape and adjusts recording parameters for best performance; also adjusts playback for ideal balance of picture sharpness and low video "noise"

  • Flying EraseTM head for glitch-free Editing with A/V dubbing

  • Dual Azimuth 4-Head Recording/Playback for superior picture quality

  • Crystal Clear freeze frame, variable speed slow motion

  • Twin Tape Stabilizer for smooth tape transport and reduced picture jitter

  • Narrow Video Head for improved playback picture quality in EP mode

  • Digital Signal Processing with dynamic sine filter

  • VHS Hi-Fi Stereo Recording and Playback for wide dynamic range and full frequency response

  • Built-In MTS stereo tuner receives stereo broadcasts

  • Dual Mode Shuttle Control a single control for simple operation of all major functions: slow motion, frame advance and search (all in forward & reverse directions) as well as play, stop, fast forward and rewind

  • Rapid AccessTM Tape Transport System for fast access to the video image and a reduction in response time between functions

  • Independent Audio/Video Insert Editing lets you add new material to previously-recorded tapes with professional-looking results

  • Edit Switch optimizes picture quality for tape-to-tape editing

  • VCR Plus+® makes timer Programming as easy as dialing a phone number; uses PlusCodeTM numbers found in the

  • TV listings of over 600 newspapers and TV Guide Sony's Cable Mouse® remote repeater lets the VCR control channel selection on most cable boxes; permits timer recording of more than one scambled cable channel in sequence

  • 8-Event/1-Month Timer with 3-hour backup and convenient quick timer feature for one-touch recording

  • Auto Head Cleaner reduces head clogging by automatically clearing tape residue whenever a tape is loaded or ejected

  • High-Speed Rewind lets you rewind a tape in about half the time of typical VCR's

  • Skip Search automatically advances the tape 30 seconds at the touch of a button

  • Digital Auto Tracking for automatic tracking adjustment User Friendly Front Panel Inputs in addition to rear-panel line inputs: for hooking up a camcorder or video games without turning the VCR around

  • Linear Counter indicates tape position in hours, minutes, and seconds of real time

  • Electronic Tab Marker Indexing SystemTM feature enables quick access via fast forward or rewind to the start of recorded sections; mark/erase as well

  • Control "S" Input for use with optional Editing equipment or other VCR's equipped with a Control "S" output Synchro Edit with control L (LANC) for simple Editing with Sony camcorders

  • Express Tuning® system with a 181 channel
  • Frequency synthesis tuner Command Mode VTR 1/2/3
  • Format: S-VHS/VHS
  • Recording Speeds: SP/EP
  • Playback Speeds: SP/EP/LP
  • Channel Coverage: VHF: 2-13; UHF: 14-69; CATV: 1-125 Total Channels: 181
  • Antenna Terminals: 75-ohm "F" type
  • Video Heads: Double Azimuth 4-head system
  • Video Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Better than 45 dB Dynamic Range: More than 90 dB (VHS Hi-Fi) Frequency Response: 20 - 20,000Hz (VHS Hi-Fi)
  • Wow and Flutter: Less than 0.005% (WRMS,VHS Hi-Fi)
  • S-Video Input: 4 pin mini pin (1 front, 2 rear)
  • S-Video Output: 4 pin mini pin (2 rear) Audio Input: L/R Phono type (1 front, 2 rear)
  • Audio Output: L/R Phono type (2 rear)
  • Timer Clock: Crystal locked 12-hour cycle with 3 hour power backup
  • Programmability: 8 events/1 month
  • Power Requirements: 120 V AC, 60 Hz
  • Cabinet Color: Black
  • Power Consumption: 30 Watts (maximum)
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