• Sony Super Betamax VCR - SuperBeta - Sony SL-HFR70
Sony Super Betamax VCR - SuperBeta - Sony SL-HFR70
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Sony Super Betamax VCR - SuperBeta - Sony SL-HFR70

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The Sony SL-HFR70 is the only Hi-Fi ready unit to offer Sony's SuperBeta picture that produced dramatically sharper video images, 20% better according to Sony's advertising claims. Adding the included HFP-200 Betahi-fi stereo processor makes all your favorite hit movies and recordings sound as sharp and as thrilling as they look. This is one of the real super "sleeper" bargains in the Betamax lineup. Check out the features below, then add in Betahi-fi stereo sound and you can easily see why this would make a fine addition to any home studio. The SL-HFR70 can record and play Super Beta Hi-Fi in Beta II and Beta III. It can also play regular Beta BI. SuperBeta can be switched off for recording in regular Beta. Tapes recorded in standard Beta or standard Betahi-fi play but will not be reproduced with a SuperBeta picture. Monaural tapes will play in the SL-HFR70 with or without the hi-fi adapter but will not be in stereo.

• DA+1 video heads for crystal-clear freeze-frame picture to let you see every detail

• Cable-Compatible Express Tuning that brings in the VHF, UHF, and even non-scrambled cable TV channels

• Remote commander wireless remote control, with 14-pushbutton channel tuning and other Betamax VCR functions

• 7-day/6-event programmable timer, for automatic recording plus quick-timer button for added convenience

• Crystal-clear slow motion at 1/5 and 1/10 normal speed, to give you a close-up look at all the action

• BetaScan and BetaSkipScan high-speed search, while you see a picture on your screen so you know exactly where you are

• Linear time counter displays your exact tape position in hours, minutes and seconds

• Fluorescent multi-display for reference clock time, timer settings, and VCR indications

• SuperBeta for a super sharp image with 20% higher resolution than conventional VCR pictures

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