• Sony SuperBeta VCR - Hi-Fi - Sony GCS-50
Sony SuperBeta VCR - Hi-Fi - Sony GCS-50
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Sony SuperBeta VCR - Hi-Fi - Sony GCS-50

$ 1,949.99



  • Beta Hi-Fi audio and two-channel linear audio, yielding 4 audio channels.

  • Huge locking jog/shuttle wheel that enables audible linear audio while in slow-motion.  

  • Hidden BIs/BII Record Speed Selector Switch, which is a toggle switch below the jog/shuttle dial.

  • Elapsed hours meter inside the unit for tracking elapsed hours. 

  • Has true video insert editing, and two-channel audio insert editing (audio dub).

  • Framing Servo Switch, which is used for enabling automatic correct field selection by the editing deck in a feeder/recorder setup.

  • Remote/Local switch.

  • SuperBeta on/off switch is labeled "High-Band," which is the Japanese name for Superbeta.

  • Dew light.

  • Two channel stereo microphone input.

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