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The JVC SR-S365U does not come with a remote and does not utilize a wireless remote control. It can be used with either the hard-wired JVC RM-G30U serial remote control, or the JVC RM-G800U Edit-Desk Editing Controller.

The professional-level editing results that are attained with the JVC SR-S365U do not translate into a professional budget. With high-resolution S-VHS pictures, Jog/Shuttle and built-in RS-232C Interface, the SR-S365U can be used as the foundation of a very affordable, but professional editing system. Convenient editing functions, such as Insert and Assemble editing and Random Assemble editing, allow you to start producing quality programs right away. And since the SR-S365U is designed for use with the professional RM-G800U and RM-G810U Editing Controllers, assembling a high-performance, easy-to-use editing system with all the benefits of precision CTL Time Code, has never been easier

  • Easy to use and set up, the SR-S365U delivers high S-VHS picture quality with more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution for professional-looking results in editing and dubbing. And to make sure you get the best possible results even in 2nd generation tapes, JVC's added video noise reduction circuitry to reduce noise and keep the pictures clear and sharp.

  • Audio capabilities are equally powerful with two channels of Hi-Fi audio for dynamic, high-quality stereo sound and an editable monaural (normal) channel for improved audio flexibility.

  • The SR-S365 has a built-in RS-232 interface so you can connect it directly to a PC and operate it from the computer.

  • Built-in Time Code generator/reader utilizes the JVC CTL (Control Track Time Code) system. Far superior to conventional control track counters that lose reference when the tape is removed from the machine, this system records TC data on the control track for fast and accurate access to any frame on the tape. CTL Time Code can also be added to an existing recording without sacrificing the audio track. There is no need for special Time Code equipment when recording tapes in the field.

  • Simple, one-touch assemble editing is also available with the convenient Random Assemble Editing function. Just connect the R.A.Edit connector to the remote connector of another VCR and select up to 8 scenes in any order. The R.A. Edit function automatically records the selected cuts on the other VCR in the order you have chosen.

  • Audio dub and self audio dubbing functions. Audio dubbing allows you to add a new sound track such as narration or music to the normal audio channel (monaural) without affecting the original video or Hi-Fi audio previously recorded on the tape. Self dubbing function allows you to copy the existing Hi-Fi track onto the normal audio track.

  • Jog/shuttle dial for fast and accurate search capabilities. Locate a scene at high speed with the shuttle dial, then pinpoint the exact frame you want with the jog control

  • Plug into the RM-G800U or RM-G805U Edit Controllers (via the 12-pin connector) for professional editing results - regardless of whether you use the SR-S365 as a Source, or as a Record VCR. With just the RM-G800U and two SR-S365U's, you have the most economical and productive cuts-only, Time Code based editing system available. Add a third SR-S365U and the RM-G805U, and you have the same, except in an A/B Roll configuration. The video can be edited independently of the audio, adding new audio later, if desired. For faster, more flexible editing, you can build a mixed system, using the professional BR-S800U Editing Recorder. Either way, you get all the benefits of CTL Time Code and excellent video and audio performance.

  • Easy-to-use on-screen menu enables you to quickly specify all VCR mode and status settings.

  • Additional features include: Flying Erase Head, Automatic Head Cleaner, Digital Hour Meter Indication, Hi-Fi Record On/Off, Hi-Fi Recording Level Control and Indicators in addition to a Headphone Connector with Volume Control.


VHS, S-VHS Standard

Video Inputs

Line: RCA x 1

Y/C: S-Video 4-pin din x 1

Video Outputs

Line: RCA x 1

Y/C: S-Video 4-pin din x 1

Monitor: RCA x 1

Audio Inputs

Line: RCA x 2

Power Requirements

AC 120v, 60 Hz

Power Consumption



400 x 94 x 340mm (WxHxD) 15 5/8 x 3 3/4 x 13 7/16" (WxHxD)


4.8kg (10.6 lbs.)

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