• Sony Hi8 VCR - Editing VCR - Sony EV-S7000
Sony Hi8 VCR - Editing VCR - Sony EV-S7000
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Sony Hi8 VCR - Editing VCR - Sony EV-S7000

$ 1,199.99



  • Hi8 Recording System; Over 400 lines of horizontal resolution for a sharp detailed picture and improved multi-generation editing
  • Up to 6-hour Recording on a single Hi8 cassette
  • Digital Timebase Correction eliminates subtle picture jitter results for tiny variances in tape transport or head drum rotation speed for a clear, stable image, free from shake or straight-line distortion essential for high-quality editing
  • Digital Noise Reduction improves picture quality by minimizing random video noise that occurs for one field to the next
  • A low or high level of noise reduction can be manually set depending on picture conditions
  • Advanced Dynamic Signal Filter continually adjusts picture playback signal for ideal balance of picture sharpness and low video noise
  • Drop-0ut Compensation Circuitry reduces nearly in half the visible effects of tape drop-outs for a more pleasing picture
  • Chroma Process Improvement System minimizes color blurring at object edges for more accurate color reproduction and improved sharpness
  • 3-Line Digital Comb Filter Provides clear Y/C (luminance/chrominance) signal separation for minimal picture deterioration due to cross-color and dot-crawl interference
  • Tape Stabilizer for smoth tape transport and reduced picture jitterCrystal-Clear Picture in still slow-motion frame-by-frame playback and picture search without picture jitter and noise bars
  • Custom Picture Mode lets you adjust the color sharpness and Y/C delay to suit your own viewing preferences


  • Digital PCM Sterio delivers sound quality to rival CD's on a separate linear sound-track
  • Digital PMC Stereo Audio Dubbing lets you add digital audio background music or voice-over narration in post-production while maintaining the original AFM hi-fi stereo
  • 12-Segment Led Peak Level Meter with independent L/R sliding audio level controls for manually setting PCM recording levels
  • AFM Hi-FI Stereo Sound for wide dynamic range and full frequency response
  • Voice Boost audio enhancement streghens voice on handycam videos while minimizing background noises
  • Microphone Input for recording voice-over narration


  • RC Time Code Records reads and dubs reference data in hours minutes seconds frames for greater editing precision
  • 8-Segment Assemble Editing lets you mark up to 8 cut-in and cut-out points individually then combine marked sequences automatically in the order you have selected
  • Jog/Shuttle Control for precise frame-by-frame foward and reverse slow motion (1/5x speed) normal speed 2x play or high-speed scan (up to 20%)
  • Rapid Access Tape Transport System for fast access to the video image and near instantaneous response time between functions
  • Advanced Syncro Edit function for editing with a Handycam camcorder featurilng Advanced Synchro Edit Capability
  • Performs pre-roll synchronization on both machines to achieve greater editing accuracy
  • Flying Erase Head for clean picture transitions
  • Front AV Connections for camcorder-friendly hookup
  • Control L (LANC) editing interface
  • Edit Switch maintains maximum picture quality during editing
  • Skip/Scan function lets you "drop in " and view your picture at the touch of a button
  • Data Code reads date and time information recorded on a Handycam camcorder with Data Code function


  • VCR Plus Programming makes timer programming as easy dialing a phone number uses PlusCode numbers found in the TV listings of over 600 newspapers and TV Guide
  • Cable Mouse remote repeater lets you use the VCR remote to control channel selection on most cable boxes during normal TV viewing
  • 181-Channel Tuner
  • Stereo Broadcast Reception with MTS decoder
  • 1-Month/8-Program Timer with one hour power backup


  • High Speed Digital Picture Search 20x normal speed in both foward and reverse up to 3 times quicker than conventional VCRs
  • High Speed Rewind approximately 1 minute for a 2 hour tape 4 times quicker that conventional VCRs
  • Visual Scan Indexing system provides a visual table-of-contents or programs or segments recorded on the tape
  • Electronic Tab Marker Indexing System feature enables quick assess via fast forward or rewind to the start of recorded sections Index Scan mode scans up to 19 index marks in sequence mark/erase as well
  • Motorized Slide-Out Panel with comprehensive LED display for convenient front-panel access to all VCR and editing functions
  • On-Screen Menu System with help messages for easy set-up and operation
  • Multi-Brand Unicommander Remote Control with jog/shuttle dial; controls most brands of TVs
  • Auto Head Cleaner automatically clears tape residue whenever a tape is loaded or ejectd
  • Limited quantities, prices good while supplies last.

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