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About us

Specializing in professional & broadcast video equipment since 1996, we’ve spent the last 20 years proudly offering consumers “The Southern Advantage!” You might be wondering to yourself what exactly that means. The answer is easy: slowing down.

The south has always been known for its hospitality and its laid back attitude. Here at Southern Advantage, we don’t mind being accused of that.

From the chair of the CEO to the customer service representatives, from our highly trained technicians to the employees in our warehouse and everywhere in between, we all have one goal in common here at Southern Advantage; slowing down enough to serve you. 

Slowing down enough to hear your needs. Slowing down enough to take all the guesswork and surprises out of your experience. Slowing down enough to take your phone call. Forget about those automated computer systems that you’re used to having answer your call for help, because here at Southern Advantage, we take each and every phone call personally, the way it should be.

So what is that we do? Simple.

We deal with modern products of professional video and broadcast equipment, but it doesn’t stop there. What makes us truly unique is that we also specialize in stocking and repairing discontinued formats like S-VHS/VHS, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Betamax and much more!

Feel free to browse our site to learn more about us. Looking for a specific item but don’t see it listed? Get in touch with us! We may not always be able to have everything listed on the website, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get it for you. Use our contact page or give us a call at 1-800-632-6076

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