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Videonics / Focus Enhancements MXProDV Digital Video Mixer

In response to a world that is quickly going digital, Videonics has introduced the MXProDV, a product targeted at DV videographers who want to edit in a linear fashion, or switch high quality DV live. The MXProDV is very much like the standard MXPro, except that in addition to the standard analog inputs found on the MXPro, it adds two FireWire (IEEE 1394 or i.LINK) inputs and one FireWire output. You can mix analog and digital sources, and get a digital output. Who would want to use a FireWire-equipped stand-alone mixer? Wedding and event videographers who use multiple Mini DV camcorders and want to do all-digital live switching, certainly. But users can also combine a Videonics AB-1 edit controller with the MXProDV for an all-digital linear editing suite. This combination would be good for those who create programs that are longer and needing fewer edits than is reasonable for a nonlinear editing system.

Videonics MXPro & MXProDV Power Supply

Power Supply for the Videonics MXPro & MXProDV. Available in both 6-pin and 8-pin.

Videonics TM-3000 Titlemaker/CG Character Generator

Comes with FULL 3-Year Warranty & FREE SHIPPING if purchased during our Holiday Special!

Now you can add crisp, dazzling professional looking titles to any video production! The Videonics Titlemaker 3000 is a technological breakthrough in video character generation. It delivers high-resolution titles in a million colors. The full size keyboard includes accented characters for 21 different languages. Advanced features include patterns, see-through video effects, multi-direction crawl, fades and wipes, and much more.

Videonics / Focus Enhancements MXPro Digital Video Mixer

This is NOT the DV version. For the DV version, please see the MXProDV.

The Videonics MXPro is a four-input video production switcher, mixer, frame synchronizer/TBC (time base corrector), manual color corrector and special effects generator.

Videonics MX 1; 4-Input Synchronized Video Switcher

Comes with FULL 3-Year Warranty & FREE SHIPPING if purchased during our Holiday Special!

The Videonics MX-1 Digital Video Mixer is a four-input video production switcher, mixer, frame synchronizer/TBC (Time Base Correc-tor) and special effects generator. Cut, wipe, dissolve between any of four video inputs -- or use any of over 210 digital video effects. Frame synchronizer and time base corrector (TBC) insures clean transitions. Dual-field, infinite-window TBC makes output rock-solid, even if inputs have faulty time base. Unique preview screen shows miniature copies of all four inputs so you can work with just one or two monitors. Effects include freeze, black and white, negative, mosaic, paint, flip, more. Chroma key and compose features, audio mix, more. Model MX-1, NTSC (PAL available).