Sony DSR-20 DVCAM MiniDV Player/Recorder

Features Firewire Input / Output
Format / Recording Media DV,  DVCAM,  MiniDV
Manufacturers Sony
Resolution / Signal Standard Definition
Shipping Weight 17.00 lbs
Our price: $1,499.99
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The Sony DSR-20 DVCAM Digital Videocassette Recorder is half-rack size and targeted for all mobile and field applications, as well as production facilities. The DSR-20 incorporates both AC/DC operation. Additionally, the DSR-20 plays back consumer DV tapes.

DVCAM Digital Recording Format With DV Playback Capability
Thanks to the adoption of the digital DVCAM format, the DSR-20 offers superb picture quality.  It also offers excellent audio quality with PCM audio, which records signals in 48kHz/16 bit and 32 kHz/12bit modes. Compatible with the consumer DV format, the DSR-20 can play back DV recorded (SP mode) tapes.

Compact Size
The DSR-20 recorder is designed to fit in a half-rack space. In spite of its small size, it maintains a dual track system that accommodates both standard and mini size cassettes without an adapter.

AC/DC Operation
DSR-20 is equipped with an AC input for use with an AC power supply and equipped with a DC input for use with a DC 12V power supply for mobile applications, such as a back up VTR on a dolly for field production.

Equipped with i.LINK (IEEE-1394) interface, allows digital dubbing and editing with virtually no quality loss. The DV I/O, based on i.LINK interface can be connected to third party video capture boards that support the DV I/O interface. Additionally, the DSR-20 has a "Duplication With T/C" mode which allows dubbing of the original tape and its time codes.

Remote Control Operations
The VTR is capable of remote control operations using three different remote control protocols. The RS-232C interface allows control from a PC. With the LANC interface, the DSR-20 is capable of communications with an editing controller which has a LANC interface. Control S allows control from any remote controls (which have a control S interface) including wireless remote controls, and wired controls using SVRM-100A and DSRM-10. Control S In/Out also allows a number of DSR-20s to be controlled from one remote control. DSR-20 is supplied with the wireless Remote Commander® RMT-DS20.

Power On Rec/Power On PB (Auto Repeat) Functions
A Power On Rec allows unattended recording with the aid of an external timer. By setting the Power On Rec mode and connecting an external timer, the DSR-20 will automatically start recording when the AC power is turned on. When the unit is set to Repeat, it starts playback as soon as AC power is turned on. 

External Sync In
An external sync input provides synchronized playback with other VTRs. This is convenient when a number of machines are in simultaneous playback of one or more sources.

Untitled Document VIDEO
Video Signal
EIA standards, NTSC color

Video Input
Composite (x1, shared with the external Sync In)
S-Video (mini-DIN 4-pin) (x1)

Video Output
Composite (Line Out x1, monitor Out x1)
S-Video (mini-DIN 4-pin) (x1)

Audio Signals
REC: 48kHz/16bit, 32kHz/12bit,
PB: 48kHz/16bit, 32kHz/12bit, 32kHz/16bit,

RCA x2 (Input L&R)
L: CH1, CH3 or CH1/3 mix,
R: CH2, CH4 or CH2/4 mix

RCA x4 (Output L&R, Monitor L&R)
L: CH1, CH3 or CH1/3 mix,
R: CH2, CH4 or CH2/4 mix

i.LINK (DV In/Out, IEEE-1394 based) (4 pin x1)


11 lbs.

Dimensions (W x H x D)
8 1/2" x 3 7/8" x 15 1/2"
(215mm x 98mm x 392mm)

Power Requirement
AC: 120V, DC: 12V

Power Consumption
AC: 28W, DC: 2.0A

Tape Speed
28.2mm/sec (DVCAM mode)

Stereo mini-mini jack

12V, Cannon 4pin

Control S
Stereo mini (In x1, Out x1)

Headphone Jack
Stereo mini

D-sub 9 pin (cross)

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